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With a lot of experiences over the years and knowing the right individuals in the Israeli and Southern European markets, We advertising new merchants represent market-leading. Merchants who give creative, differentiated solutions for the market. We cover all parts of business improvement for the merchants we showcase. The Merchant has been picked by realizing that they are pioneers, Inventive, extraordinary with increased value to the market. eSecure have a commitment to advance the solutions in the market and to make the right connection with partners and end users to each and all of them and to bring the business as we are committed.


Unique Consulting services are necessary in any organization.

eSecure have high figures of expert consultant that will comprehend your necessities, your organization security issues and will assemble any reports that will save a considerable measure of cash to your organization by knowing the profound issues and have many hands-on hours. As a proven process with broad feedbacks from our customers, our counseling services innovative thinking delivers genuine scenario exercise, keeping in mind the end goal to test the created work, train specific teams and tune existing procedures. Real scenario and serious gaming from Governance, Technology, and Risk levels have turned out to be a major source of assessing the results of our consultant’s work.

Business Development

 Business Development together with adapted conferences.

eSecure created with a full group of professional figures, numerous years of hands-on building quick grower capabilities to open the Market for your organization. on the off chance that you are a new startup or an organization who has proven sales, we will take your product capabilities, and we will assemble a quick, professional approach to meet with potential Distributors, Affiliates and Direct contact with end users from all sections of the European market. eSecure with the right specialized individuals will assist you to be compatible to the market needs and will aid you to set up the correct parameters to the end client. eSecure working closely with decisions makers in Hugh organizations and together with your specialized team we will bring you to into the assessment table in a brief span, a direct line to POC and will spare your organization a considerable measure of trial and amazement.

Our Conference cooperation services

eSecure cooperating with Security Interest Group Switzerland – ready for Switzerland?

On the off chance that you believe that your startup is prepared to go to Europe, we can offer different platforms to advertise your products. Security Interest Group Switzerland is an Independent Interest Group with the concentration to give truly profoundly pertinent information (innovation presentations) at our different get-togethers. From After work Occasions till a three-day meeting; there are a few potential outcomes in the data security, and additionally, Next-Gen Infrastructure area accessible and we like it working with new Start-ups organizations and furthermore offer special bundles for suppliers which do not have a major marketing spending plan. Our members are highly seasoned with a long history in the IT business from the bigger organizations and are well past entry-level definitions.

Business Development by eSecure

Our Business Improvement Begins here, Sasa software is a leader in the provision of cyber security supplier for broad content sanitization and profound malware elimination solutions. A short procedure with one of our end user, one of the largest Banks in Europe opened a way to the first opportunity in cooperation with eSecure, a solution that proves capacity conveys another mindset to a market to a genuine security issue. New startup’s or even established organizations, need to contribute a considerable measure of high costs, overhead, working time, to fabricate connections, to find out about the local law for tenders, payments and long work process with individuals that at the end of the  day they are not the ones, who sign the checks. Our team assembled three groups, which cooperate to get your organization the right, short and safe route into a win. Numerous years working in this market assembled a system of connections that search for remarkable, solid, and top notch solutions for securing their networks. Gathering of high-level technical engineers will assess the products with full counseling services to have the capacity to embrace the solution for the marketing needs, even before you took the first flight. Our consulting services will work with your specialized and create groups to give a full report document that will incorporate Strategy, Innovation, Perceivability and substantially more’ those services can enhance the organization chances to different fields and diverse business horizon in Europe. eSecure will grasp you hand to hand beginning with well known demonstrated distribution through affiliates all the way to the end client, saving you costs to a genuine high improvement and less traveling. Notwithstanding the specified services, eSecure cooperation with a standout amongst the most esteem exhibitions and conference swiss organization, who constructed Afterwork Occasions till a three day conferences, including every one of the facilities to market the product before the most critical individuals in the market, who permit you in no time to make business openings in an alluring cost, best value to your investment. each one of those three primary business chains, will associate the organization to this new market and will spare to the owner’s heaps of cash and squandered efforts and will make solid business relations in brief time.

“The only truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete and sealed in a lead-lined room with armed guards – and even then I have my doubts.”

– Gene Spafford Read more at: http://izquotes.com/quote/268149


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    How does network security work?

    Network security combines multiple layers of defenses at the edge and in the network. Each network security layer implements policies and controls. Authorized users gain access to network resources, but malicious actors are blocked from carrying out exploits and threats.

    How do I benefit from network security?

    Digitization has transformed our world. How we live, work, play, and learn have all changed. Every organization that wants to deliver the services that customers and employees demand must protect its network. Network security also helps you protect proprietary information from attack. Ultimately it protects your reputation.