Our consultants are experienced in a variety of industries and strive to serve our clients with integrity. Based on more than 20 years of experience in the IT Security and Cybersecurity areas, our experienced business professionals offer a perfect blend of unparalleled vision, from Governance to technology, with broad range of capabilities, out of the box perspectives and creativity. The extensive knowledge domain assure a level of consulting and solution beyond compare. Focusing on the most challenging area of expertise, our consultants work side by side with our clients, building stronger and sustainable business value, deliver comprehensive Cyber-Risk and Cyber Threat analysis, frameworks, as well as experienced advisory on market and product development, as well as standards and compliance roadmaps. As a proven process with extensive feedback from our clients, our consulting services’ innovative thinking delivers real scenario exercises, in order to test the developed work, train specific teams and tune existing processes. Real scenario and serious gaming from Governance, Risk and technology levels have proven to be a valuable source of evaluating the results of our consultant’s work.


CTO as a Service

We strongly believe that a proper Cybersecurity Strategy, backed by the development of a solid technological foundation is not an expensive project. We can help binging Capital and Operational Expenditure down just by fitting technology according to every company’s needs, avoiding technology rush while leveraging a relevant security posture and minimizing exposure surface. Our CTO services provide companies with proper tools to engage Cybersecurity technological projects and choices with confidence, in line with corporate needs. Our CTO as a Service bridges the gap between Governance, Risk, Business and IT decisions.

C-Level as a Service (CLaaS) 

Our consulting services provide C-Level strategy and consulting services for companies of all sizes and stages of development. All C-Level services are drawn from a pool of highly experienced executives, passionate about technology, processes, people, and business enhancement and continuity. We fill the gap between Business and IT.

CISO as a Service

Our CISO service is designed for companies that need such role in their organization, and can assume the responsibility for growing and developing a Cybersecurity program. From standards and compliance to information security related tasks, our CISO as a service is based on guidance and leadership capabilities, compliance management, security training and awareness. Our CISO service can range from a simple penetration testing program up to steering committees participation and decision supporting processes.

Cyber Strategy as a Service (CSaaS)

Our consultancy experience, backed by more than fifteen years of CyberSecurity related services, helps shifting Business Governance into Cyber-Governance, bringing together Business, People, Processes and Technology, under a common framework and language. We help CISOs and CIOs overcome the barriers between Cybersecurity and Risk, Business and “the board”, by developing a sound corporate CyberSecurity strategy, properly evaluated along its lifecycle and flexible enough to adapt to an ever changing ecosystem.

Technology as a Service (TECaaS)

Our consultants can focus solely on technology improvement, optimization, delivery and evaluation. Our experience can help companies bringing down the cost of Cybersecurity solutions, by an extensive analysis of the technological landscape and overlapping features. Technology deployment strategies are usually a product and deliverable of such service, with the final aim of lowering TCO, OPEX and CAPEX, while maintaining a strong security posture.

Visibility as a Service (VISaaS)

Today, new fast paced technologies rise every day and are revolutionizing how people work, connect, communicate and, especially, access and use corporate assets. Such unprecedented pace paves the way for new business models, light organizational structures and cost reduction. Our Visibility service basis itself on the principle that, today, visibility over all network traffic, security events and human interaction is of utmost importance. Our consulting services are prepared to deploy an external visibility layer, from the outside-in or inside-out of each company, based on meaningful Threat Intelligence information, external and internal. Such visibility layer would assume the ability to securely relay notifications from existing cybersecurity technology to our cloud IC-SOC –  Intelligence Cybersecurity Operations Center, where a dedicated security analyst would provide continuous or non-continuous alarm and attack supervision. Our non-continuous iC-SOC mode of operation allows extending supervision periods of existing corporate SOC and/or CSIRT teams, by a simple handover process.

Advisory as a Service (ADVaaS)

Our advisory as a service is a lightweight conceptual service, with the objective of supporting existing C-Level executives, Managers or Team leaders in decision processes. Working side-by-side with each one of such individuals. Our consultants become part of the existing team, contributing with extensive knowledge and experience. Technology adoption, product roadmap definition, market development and introduction or simply standard and compliance advisory exemplify how tailored this service can be to every company.